Vivint: Home Security System Review

Vivint’s new home security system, widely regarded as one of the industry’s best new home security offerings, features a robust menu of new and innovative features driven by proprietary smart technology. The new Vivint system combines voice-recognition doorbell cameras with two-way voice communication, as well as fixed and panning video cameras to establish a safe home environment for your family with responsive, innovative equipment. The Vivint system is fully wireless, and is controllable via mobile app with remote access. Vivint has truly put its mark on smart home automation and security with this new system.

It’s an excellent choice for customers on the higher end of the budget scale, with easily-integrated, professionally-installed equipment and a 5-year contract. Its cost may push it out of reach for some, but the new Vivint home security system is a remarkable combination of sophisticated, high-tech security and smart home automation.

Pricing is based on three service levels:

  • Smart Protect – The basic service offering covers monitoring and equipment financing at $29.999 per month.
  • Smart Protect + Control – At $39.99, you get home protection and home automation along with equipment financing.
  • Smart Complete – Vivint’s advanced home protection offering includes video with home automation along with two or more security features of your choice for $50/month, all with equipment financing.

Things can get a little pricey with Vivint’s four equipment packages, which begin at $700, though you can finance it over the life of your 5-year contract for as little as $12 per month.

Equipment choices

Vivint’s array of smart home equipment includes:

  • Remote control door locks
  • High-definition indoor video recording
  • Remote thermostat control

If you’re looking for a more basic option in terms of equipment, the Smart Protect kit gives you a touchscreen control panel and 6 sensors, including door, window, glass break, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

One of the most exciting achievements for customers who want cutting-edge service and automation is the fact that Vivint integrates seamlessly with Amazon Echo and Nest Thermostat, which can be purchased as part of the overall home security package. There’s some leeway in terms of equipment and home monitoring options. For example, customers can bypass the monthly monitoring option and take on monitoring themselves, thanks to Vivint’s suite of stellar equipment. In addition to indoor/outdoor cameras and smart locks, the Vivint system includes voice-activated home automation and Smart Drive data security protection.

Cost concerns and opportunities

For customers who prefer a more flexible payment option, Vivint offers a month-to-month contract arrangement. The kicker is you’ll need to pay the equipment fee up front to get it, which can run anywhere from $700 to $1,800. There’s a $99.99 installation fee and a 120-day warranty included, though Vivint will repair or replace equipment beyond the warranty period for a $45 fee. While Vivint Home Security will cost you a bit more than other systems, its equipment and smart home adaptability make it a powerful product offering for homeowners looking for “next-level” security.


Smart home perks


Be aware that Vivint has limited third-party compatibility, so if you’ve already installed some of your favorite smart home features, you’re probably looking at some duplication. If that’s not the case, Vivint’s robust lineup of smart home perks may be just the thing to win you over if you’re on the fence because of pricing:

  • Indoor and doorbell cameras The Ping Indoor Camera and Vivint’s doorbell camera both use motion detection and night vision, and are 2-way communication-enabled. That way, you can stay abreast of the goings-on at home inside and outside no matter where you are.
  • Smart thermostat – Vivint’s Element Smart Thermostat is designed to save you money by learning your habits and adjusting to your needs. It anticipates when you like to turn up the heat, and knows to turn it back down when you’re away.
  • Smart locks – Are you enjoying a weekend at the beach? Did you forget to lock the back door when you left the house for work? It’s no problem, because Vivint’s smart lock system makes it easy to correct mistakes from any remote location.


The proprietary nature of Vivint’s new home security system, as well as its smart home orientation and professional installation, set it apart from competitors on many levels. The company’s sensitivity to customer concerns over long-term contracts is praiseworthy, and many customers will undoubtedly take advantage of the month-to-month option. If you’re a DIYer by nature who loves to mix and match, the Vivint system may not be for you. However, if you’re looking for a reliable, high-tech, plug-and-play system, you can rest assured knowing that Vivint will provide a remarkable level of control, efficiency and protection.

SkyControl Panel – Image courtesy of Vivint Home Security