SimpliSafe: Home Security System Review

Affordable, no contract, DIY simplicity: SimpliSafe’s New Home Security package checks off many of the benefits that appeal most to homeowners who want DIY configurability and reliable home security without a lengthy service contract. The range of offerings in this latest generation of SimpliSafe’s robust and scalable system makes it easier for customers to achieve affordable security with features that are effective at addressing security vulnerability and satisfying budgetary concerns. So, if your home has a bunch of floor-level windows, you can address the situation by adding window sensors without spending an arm and a leg. With five affordable options and a host of a la carte options, SimpliSafe can fulfill most home security needs and wants.

SimpliSafe Plans and Pricing

SimpliSafe Home Security comes in five distinct packages that can be added to if you want to modify your system. The company makes its own equipment, including a base station, entry and glass break sensors; motion and smoke detectors; and an indoor surveillance camera.

Packages include:

  • Haven ($490), which includes a wireless keypad, keychain remote, base station, two motion sensors, four entry sensors, a siren and panic button, and back-up batteries so your system remains fully functional even if you lose power.
  • The Knox ($450), which comes with six entry sensors, an appealing option for customers whose accessible exterior windows leave them vulnerable to break-ins, along with two motion sensors.
  • The Hearth package ($380), an option that includes an extra siren, smoke detector and keychain remote, as well as a full complement of sensors.
  • The 7-piece Essentials package ($260), which is comparable to the Foundation offering, featuring three entry sensors.
  • The Foundation pack ($230) is SimpliSafe’s base package offering a base station, wireless keypad, one motion sensor, and one entry sensor.

Features and equipment

  • Emergency monitoring – An optional feature provided by COPS Monitoring (an award-winning system) for $14.99 a month offering round-the-clock coverage. You’re notified automatically when a sensor is triggered; if you don’t provide a designated safe word, the police are notified.
  • SimpliCam – SimpliSafe’s security camera ($100) uses a motion sensor and night vision to capture wide-angle HD video; clips can be viewed remotely online and provided to police, if necessary. (However, the camera only works indoors, and is limited to 720p.)
  • Entry sensor – Proprietary sensors, which attach to doors and windows with removable adhesive strips, can set off a silent or audible alert.
  • Keychain remote – You can arm and disarm your system with the SimpliSafe remote controller, which is sized to fit a keychain and includes a panic button in the event emergency assistance is needed.
  • Glass-break sensor – SimpliSafe’s sensor technology can detect the audio waves from breaking glass, an important level of protection against intruders seeking an unprotected means of ingress.

Additional equipment and monitoring with SimpliSafe

The proprietary nature and customer-friendly pricing of SimpliSafe’s equipment are definite advantages for customers. Sensors (entry, motion and glass-break) range from $14.99 to just $34.99, making it easy to scale up security monitoring if you have plenty of windows and doors to secure, and with two monitoring plans, you can have the level of coverage you need at a user-friendly price. The Standard plan, at just $14.99 a month, provides round-the-clock monitoring via cellular network, while the Interactive plan ($25 per month) with remote control, offers SMS notification and special alerts. If you don’t have much left in the security budget after installing your system, you can always opt for no monitoring.

Equipment options also include:

  • A water leak ($20) and water freeze sensor ($30)
  • A smoke detector ($30)
  • A carbon monoxide detector ($50)
  • A push-button control panel

SimpliSafe Installation

The SimpliSafe security system is designed to be as close to “plug-and-play” as possible. There’s no need for a lot of fancy tools. If you can plug in cords and deal with adhesive components, SimpliSafe is definitely for you, an attractive option for homeowners who hate to spend money to have a third-party do the installing.

All you need to do is position the base station in a central location and place the sensors, which can be applied easily to doors and windows, within 400 feet of the base and within 100 feet of your keypad. Plug in the power cord and put your keypad in pairing mode, press the enabling button on each sensor and identify each one on the keypad. The base integrates 802.11n 2.4GHz WiFi radio, so there’s no problem if you live in a remote location with sketchy cellular reception. If you don’t have WiFi, don’t worry — your 24/7 monitoring will still work. All together, plan on the set-up taking a half-hour or less.

While integration with third-party smart devices isn’t available, there are plenty of benefits for the homeowner looking for an affordable and easy-to-use system that doesn’t require third-party installation. Wireless, proprietary equipment adds to the simplicity of the system, while 24/7 monitoring options, cost-friendly equipment costs (you can outfit the house with sensors without busting your budget) and indoor video security makes SimpliSafe an extremely well-rounded system, one that compares favorably with its competitors on many levels, and with a diverse range of packages, no long-term contract obligations, and a 60-day equipment trial, SimpliSafe definitely rates high on the customer-friendly scale. The system’s affordability and DIY-friendly set-up appears to make up for its lack of third-party integration, though the company has begun to offer its own line of smart home products, such as smart locks and a video doorbell.