Home Security Systems in Tallahassee Florida

We’ve put together a list of the best home security providers in the Tallahassee area, ranked by reviews and overall value:

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Do I Need a Home Security System in Tallahassee?

When you’re a city as large as Tallahassee, with a growing population of over 192,455 folks, a home security system seems like a great investment to us. The Tallahassee crime rate in over the past several years has increased from 9,363 crimes per 100k citizens to 9,428 over that period of time. The national average was 2,362 last year.

Even if you aren’t too worried about a break-in at your Tallahassee home there are several other important features that a security system can provide. Many include smoke and CO2 detectors as well as outdoor cameras for those pesky package thieves you’ve probably heard about in Tallahassee of late that generally aren’t reported to police.  Here are the raw crime rate numbers for your consideration:

Property Crime Rate Trend in Tallahassee

Reported property crimes per 100K citizens
National Average was 2,362 last year.

Price of a Home Security System in Tallahassee

A home security system in Tallahassee will cost about $334.67 to install and between $20 and $50 per month for active monitoring services. You can often get free installation and even free equipment, too so be sure to check for those deals first. See the home security deals for Tallahassee above for specific information on pricing that changes frequently. 

Tallahassee Home Security Systems with Monitoring Services Near Me

Some home security systems do not include monitoring at all. For example, you can purchase the hardware (a Nest, Google or Simplisafe device) without the monitoring. Meaning if someone trips the alarm in your home, it will sound and possibly scare the intruder away but the police won’t be contacted. It costs a bit to have the monitoring included with your home security system in Tallahassee but we think it’s worth it for those times you’re out of town.

Wireless Home Security Solutions in Tallahassee

All of the above home security solutions are basically wireless. Often there is a power cord for things like security cameras but they’ll connect to the master security panel via Wifi or Bluetooth