While there are several ways to keep your home safe, one of the easiest ways to do so is to set up a reliable home security system.

But how do you know that these alarm systems keep your house safer? Below are some statistics that prove it’s safer to have a security system set up in your home:

A recent poll of convicted burglars suggests that an alarm system deters them 90% of the time, which is an insane amount of assurance that something as simple as having a security system installed could prevent that many robberies from happening.

“It’s just easier to find a house that doesn’t have an alarm system,” one poll respondent said.

It is estimated that between 25% and 30% of homes have a home security system, and so the above point makes sense. If someone was going to break into a home, there are plenty to choose from that don’t have the same security measures in place.

Even the advertising of an alarm system, like a sign out front or stickers on windows seems to discourage potential burglars from breaking into a home. While a notable percentage of people probably do fake it with signage, it does seem likely that it’d still be easier to find another house altogether.

So how do you know what home security systems will work best and not cost you an arm and a leg? Here are a few handy tips to maximize the benefit when you sign up for an alarm system:

  • Pick a reliable, recognizable brand – If you go with an off-brand, it seems less likely to protect you in the same way a reputable alarm company might.
  • Make sure you advertise that your home uses a security system – While most robbers will bolt once they hear the alarm going off, it’s still better to keep them out in the first place Put up signage in a visible location so if someone is casing the neighborhood, they will know your home is secure.
  • Keep your subscription up-to-date – Set up things like autopay to make sure that there are no service interruptions.
  • Make sure you activate your alarm when you leave – It’s something silly, but many people say they do not routinely set their alarms. Add it to your leaving routine.

There has never been a better time to shop for a home security system, so if you need any extra help finding a service that’s right for you, use our handy search tool here:

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