Brinks: Home Security System Review

A reconstituted Brinks Home Security — which now encompasses home security companies Moni and LiveWatch, and includes paid plans supporting the Nest Secure system — now offers a suite of plans with appealing flexibility, welcome price points and robust service packages. Customers can select from two Brinks Home Complete systems, one which provides whole-house protection and another that comes with a video monitoring option, or Nest Secure monitoring for those who already have or wish to install Nest Secure security equipment.

Brinks Plans and Pricing

The Brinks Home Complete system comes in two plans, though a 36-month minimum contract may not be optimal for some. The Home Complete plans come with motion detection, mobile access, and home automation, with video monitoring accounting for the $10 a month difference between plans ($29 monthly compared to $39 with video). However, customers can expect discounts and promotions that may help offset some of the overall cost, and there’s a 2-year equipment warranty as well as round-the-clock monitoring. (Brinks doesn’t offer home consultation, though it may be available through an authorized dealer.)

Customers who prefer to do it themselves will appreciate a fairly simple self-installation option and easy-add-on equipment. Though the Brinks systems are design with easy self-installation in mind, you have the option of paying an additional $10 per month for installation (or a flat $199 fee). Brinks customers can always expect full transparency when it comes to pricing, with no hidden fees. The merger has given Brinks the enhanced capability of providing options that meet varying customer needs and wishes without forcing them to weed through a complicated a la carte menu from multiple systems.

The Nest Secure offering is an install-it-yourself system available at retail, but still eligible for Brinks’s robust 24/7 monitoring service (which is optional), the fees for which are somewhat lower than the basic plans. Equipment under this option must be paid for up front at a cost of $299, and includes a control panel, door and window sensors, and two key fobs. (Note that purchasing the same deal from Nest costs $499). Professional monitoring and security cameras can be added.

Brinks Equipment

Both versions of Brinks’s Home Complete package come with cameras and sensors, including three door sensors, a window sensor and an indoor camera (for those who opt for the video plan version). Bear in mind that the security camera system works off your WiFi network; if it goes down, the cameras may not record.

The Brinks system earns high marks for its wide selection of quality sensors with options for home automation. Customers have the option of adding equipment. For example, customers can purchase:

  • Additional door sensors for $29 each
  • Motion sensors for $78
  • Video doorbells for $149
  • Glass-break sensors for $79
  • Garage door sensors for $39
  • A keychain remote for $29
  • An indoor camera for $199


Brinks’s new system package features layered protection, including “Crash & Smash Protection,” which triggers an alarm and keeps your system functioning if someone tries to shut it down. Additionally, a smartphone integration allows for alarms to be sent to your device so you can monitor and respond to intrusions no matter where you are, and communicate with the Brinks monitoring control center, which serves more than 1 million customers.

It’s an agile system that places home security monitoring and protection squarely into your hands. The system can be armed or disarmed with a touchscreen control panel or an Alarm.com mobile app, which can be integrated with Amazon Echo and Google Home. You can also use your smartphone to arm or disarm the system, or change security settings.

Live video and cloud storage

Customers who choose Brinks’s Home Complete with Video package receive an in-home camera, giving you visual access from anywhere. The free cloud storage feature gives customers the option of saving up to 1,000, 30-second video clips per month, any of which can be shared with the police.

Home automation

Brinks has designed its new systems with home automation compatibility in mind. Integration is possible with a wide range of automation features; its systems have more than 100 Z-Wave smart devices (i.e. locks, lights, and cameras), which can be simultaneously synched up with the system. Brinks uses the Alarm.com app and integrates additional home automation devices through its proprietary control panel using the Qolsys IQ touchscreen unit. It comes with:

  • WiFi capability
  • Battery backup
  • A cellular chip
  • A built-in camera
  • Bluetooth and a radio device for linking up automation products

Brinks Customer Support Review

Brinks Home Security pools the best in terms of customer service resources from LiveWatch and Moni. Customers benefit from 24/7 phone and/or live chat support, as well as text messaging. The 36-month contract comes with equipment fee discounts; however, be aware that cancellation of your contract will leave you owing 100 percent of the remaining balance.

The new Brinks Home Security product offerings cover key factors, such as home automation, comprehensive monitoring, and an extensive list of options and add-ons for customers wanting to upgrade their service. Pricing, equipment, support, and monitoring are particular strengths. The Nest Secure system is a good option for customers who prefer a do-it-yourself (DIY) security system that can be easily integrated with smart home features. Taken together, the reconstituted Brinks Home Security has brought an affordable and well-supported suite of plans to the home security market.