A recent poll found that one of the top deterrents of home break-ins is thanks to our furry canine friends.

A survey of convicted burglars found that dogs are one of the top reasons they wouldn’t break into the home. While most house dogs are probably pretty easy to trick into being an intruder’s best friend, it’s not worth the risk, they said, as they don’t know for sure if the dog will bite or bark.

With that in mind, though, it’s important to remember that a dog can also be a big responsibility, and while one might help keep your home more secure, please keep in mind that there are more efficient ways to do so.

For example, home security systems reportedly keep burglars out of your home at about the same rate as a dog, meaning if you have an alarm system advertised on your property, a potential robber will most likely skip over your house while looking for their next target.

So what are the differences between having a dog or a home security system?

The advantages to having a dog for home security:

  • A loud bark is the single best deterrent when it comes to preventing home invasion.
  • Dogs are great at waking up owners if something is amiss in the middle of the night.
  • Dogs are pack animals and will protect their owners.

The advantages to having a home security system:

  • A lot less work to take care of. Remember, a dog is a living creature, a home security system does not require any extra care
  • Less expensive. With vet bills, food, and other dog care, having an alarm system won’t cost nearly as much to have up and running in your home.
  • Modern technology enables home security to be a lot more innovative. You can check in on your home with your phone, or record video footage of attempted break ins.

But if you love dogs, and want the added benefit of the security a dog brings, we highly recommend getting one! Dogs are a great partner around the house, and paired with an alarm system, there is no way any robber would even think about trying to break into your house.

If you need help finding the right home security system for your house or apartment, check out our handy search tool that will recommend you the best home security system for your current situation.

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